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Asia's largest conference on Technology and Human Resource which brings together the Leaders with plethora of knowledge on HR, to keep pace with the leading edge technology. With over 800 delegates and 60 world class speakers, TechHR’16 aims to cover the complete HR spectrum on the rapidly evolving workplaces integrating technology in the DNA of HR


Led by world class leaders, the sessions are power packed with the theme to bring forth the actionable insights for the audience.


Experts from around the world will unleash the ideas for the growing community, throwing light on the innovative practices for the revolutionary world

Innovative Format

The conference is a confluence of Panel Discussions, Bistro Sessions, Master classes, Keynotes and Case Studies which runs in parallel tracks to enthrall the floating audience with specifically selected topics

TechHR - Conference Speakers & Contributors

Partial list of speakers for TechHR'16


  • Abhijit Bhaduri

    Abhijit Bhaduri

    Wipro Group

  • Amarjit Singh Batra

    Amarjit Singh Batra

    OLX India

  • Amita Maheshwari

    Amita Maheshwari

    Star India

  • Anju Seth

    Anju Seth

    Virginia Tech

  • Ankur Warikoo

    Ankur Warikoo

    nearbuy (formerly Groupon)

  • Arun Dhaka

    Arun Dhaka

    Cornerstone OnDemand

  • Bill Docherty

    Bill Docherty

    SumTotal Systems

  • China Gorman

    China Gorman

    Motivits Learning

  • Deepa Chadha

    Deepa Chadha


  • Dennis W Shuler

    Dennis W Shuler

    Core Strengths Mgmt. Cons.

  • Dr NS Rajan

    Dr NS Rajan

    TATA Sons

  • Dr. Vishal Shah

    Dr. Vishal Shah


  • Farzana Haque

    Farzana Haque

    Tata Consultancy Services

  • Gajendra Chandel

    Gajendra Chandel

    Tata Motors

  • Gerry Crispin

    Gerry Crispin


  • Indranil Chakraborty

    Indranil Chakraborty


  • Itu Chaudhuri

    Itu Chaudhuri

    Itu Chaudhuri Design

  • Jon Ingham

    Jon Ingham

    Strategic Dynamics Cons. Servs.

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Jonathan Campbell

    Social Talent

  • Josh Bersin

    Josh Bersin

    Bersin by Deloitte

  • Kedar Vashi

    Kedar Vashi

    The Coca-Cola Company

  • Krish Shankar

    Krish Shankar


  • Laurie Ruettimann

    Laurie Ruettimann


  • Meenakshi K S

    Meenakshi K S

    Credit Suisse India

  • Meenal Jadhav

    Meenal Jadhav

    Schneider Electric

  • Milan	Sheth

    Milan Sheth

    Ernst & Young

  • Mohammed Asif Iqbal

    Mohammed Asif Iqbal

    PwC India

  • Nishant Kolgaonkar

    Nishant Kolgaonkar

    Kuoni Travel Group

  • Nitin Sethi

    Nitin Sethi


  • Pankaj Bansal

    Pankaj Bansal


  • Prashant Bhatnagar

    Prashant Bhatnagar

    Hike Messenger

  • Pratik Kumar

    Pratik Kumar

    Wipro Infrastructure

  • Prithvi Shergill

    Prithvi Shergill

    HCL Technologies

  • Purnima Kumar

    Purnima Kumar


  • Rajesh Padmanabhan

    Rajesh Padmanabhan

    Welspun Group

  • Rajita Singh

    Rajita Singh


  • Ranjan Wadhwa

    Ranjan Wadhwa

    Fidelity Investments

  • Sanjay Jorapur

    Sanjay Jorapur

    Hero MotoCorp

  • Sanjeev Somasundaram

    Sanjeev Somasundaram


  • Shantanu Ghosh

    Shantanu Ghosh


  • Shaswat Kumar

    Shaswat Kumar

    Aon Hewitt

  • Shubh Saha

    Shubh Saha

    Future Group India

  • Srikanth Balachandran

    Srikanth Balachandran


  • Steven Ehrlich

    Steven Ehrlich

    TMP Worldwide Advertising

  • T K Srirang

    T K Srirang

    ICICI Bank

  • Unmesh Pawar

    Unmesh Pawar


  • Vaishakh Kelkar

    Vaishakh Kelkar


  • Varadarajan Srinivasan

    Varadarajan Srinivasan

    TATA SIA Airlines

  • V Krishnan

    V Krishnan

    Dabur India

  • Varun Bhatia

    Varun Bhatia

    Growth Outcomes LLC

  • Vishpala Reddy

    Vishpala Reddy

    American Express

  • Vlasta Dusil

    Vlasta Dusil

    SAP India

  • Yashwant Mahadik

    Yashwant Mahadik

    Sun Pharma

  • Yugesh Goutam

    Yugesh Goutam

    Lupin Limited

Spotlight Awards 2016


Spotlight Awards List 2016 for HR Technology Entrepreneurs


Spotlight Awards aims to identify and applaud innovative HR technology start-up products that are transforming the way HR functions. We are looking for innovative technology products that are empowering the HR function, enhancing the collaboration between employees and transform the future at the workplace.




We are looking for business ideas in the conceptualization stage that are innovative technology solutions that simplify human resource processes.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The company shouldn't be more than 3 years old
  • The company should nominate a business idea that will transform business in the HR Space
  • The idea should be unique


We are looking for technological products that are already in the HR space and are innovative technology solutions that have helped simplify HR processes.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The company shouldn't be more than 8 years old
  • The company should nominate a HR Technology product & not a service
  • The company should have property rights over the product

Jury Members


  • DN Prasad

    DN Prasad


  • Elango R

    Elango R


  • Shalini Pillay

    Shalini Pillay

    KPMG India

  • Rajesh Ranjan

    Rajesh Ranjan

    Everest Group

  • Vipul Singh

    Vipul Singh


  • Sandeep Sinha

    Sandeep Sinha

    Lumis Partners

  • Alok Goel

    Alok Goel

    SAIF Partners

  • Rahul Khanna

    Rahul Khanna

    Trifecta Capital


Strategy Track

A broad conversation on key themes and trends on business, digital and transformation

Day 1 (Thu 4, Aug 2016)

This keynote will touch upon five strengths and gaps in Candidate Experience. Gerry Crispin will share insights drawn from 1/2 million datapoints of candidates covering 500 employers.

The digital world of work has disrupted businesses, industries, and work itself. In this research-based presentation, the research veteran and global influencer, Josh Bersin will explain these trends and how they are reshaping our organizations, our HR practices, and the HR technology marketplace.

Technology and innovation is driving revolutionary changes across the world. Mobility, social media, cloud and the internet of things are among the trends that are transforming the way we live, play and do business. Today, how is the techonology penetration and evolution unfolding in our lives? In what ways is this changing our workplace?

What are multi-dimensional shifts impacting HR? What's the big deal about talent outcomes? How is technology playing a dual role of an enabler and distruptor?

Organizations desperately need the new generation, digital-savvy talent in order to stay ahead of competition. What do millennials really expect and how are most progressive companies using technology to attract and retain them.

Deep dive on the different elements that need to align to move a current level of performance to the next level with the help of technology.

Deep dive on the different elements that need to align to move a current level of performance to the next level with the help of technology

This session will delve into candidate behaviors, how candidates are leveraging their social graphs in their job searches, and will focus on the need for an exceptional candidate experience.

As budgets in HR technology continue to raise and more and more players entering the space of product tech for our function, organizations need a clear strategy to prioritize their tech efforts, manage legacy and plan for the future. This session will focus on what are most progressive organizations replacing legacy systems for simple, appropriate, business fit products.

A fast paced session with our global speakers full of excitement and learning. Rapid fires, Tweetups, live Q&A from the audience - everything is possible in this session. Join in!

Day 2 (Fri 5, Aug 2016)

Human resources technology falls into four quadrants: time, task, project and risk management. Learn about the hottest trends in all four categories, and discover why there's a gap between implementation and utilization around the world.

Explore why the future of work, and technology is not what it’s often seen.

The boundary between Design and Innovation are blurring by the day and organizational architects need to be on top of their game. Learn from leaders in the fields of Arts, Technology, Marketing, Strategy,and Information how to align design, innovation, and business disruption

The buzz word is mobile, and for HR is no different. What can mobile do to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of talent interventions, what are its limitations - less talk, more facts!

The boundary between Design and Innovation are blurring by the day and organizational architects need to be on top of their game. Learn from leaders in the fields of Arts, Technology, Marketing, Strategy, and Information how to align design, innovation, and business disruption.

How HR should lead the shift

Insights Track

Case studies, practical master classes and lot of conversations

How the HR function is constantly reinvented itself in line with technological advancements? Is Robotic Process Automation – threat to the HR function or an opportunity?

We have been traditionally taught to leave emotions outside the workplace. Clinical conversations and clipped powerpoints have become the tools for a successful manager. With changing workforce, and a large number of millennials joining it, leveraging emotions might hold the key to successful organisations

With evolution of the business landscape and advent of newer technology, the approach of the HR organization also needs to transform. How has cloud based HR technology impacted the various facets of the HR organization including talent, engagement, analytics, workforce management and performance and What are the focus areas for the HR organization of tomorrow.

With snacking content gaining traction across digital and social platforms, is it enough to rehash offline communication today? Should brands be thinking about ‘Made for Digital’ content for telling their brand stories?

Mobile: What’s Real, what’s Myth and what’s total BS? The buzz word is mobile, and for HR is no different. What can mobile do to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of talent interventions, what are its limitations - less talk, more facts!

People Excellence Track

Exploratory sessions, provocative keynotes and hands on experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice

Day 1 (Thu 4, Aug 2016)

People Matters & SAP HR Technology Study 2016

Use of Technology to enhance efficiency Technology in any sphere of HR & particularly in recruitment, can be used extensively to either enhance effectiveness or efficiency

Scope of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in HR

The Art of Attraction, Search like a Ninja (tips and tactics) and Engagement like top recruiters.

This session will provide a roadmap to demonstrate how the HR function can use the science of analytics to make a solid contribution to strategic imperatives in the organization.

Day 2 (Fri 5, Aug 2016)

A talk on why now with all the technology advancements we see humanity in the workplace is more important than ever.

Methods for understanding and analysing digital interactions

Technology is taking control over us instead of the other way around. The only way out of this rut is to grow mindfulness within yourself and others. Learn how to take back the control to your "self".





TechHR 2016




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